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How did you come up with this idea?

It started with learning that almost all sorted plastic is sent all over Europe for recycling, which mostly consists of incineration. We believe this is a huge loss in valuable material, plus a lost opportunity for greater innovation in plastic recycling and circular economy systems.

What kinds of plastic can you recycle?

So far we can only recycle types 2, 4 and 5 since they possess better qualities for recycling. In the future, with the help of research and more infrastructure we hope to be able to take other types too.

Did you build the machines yourself?

Theoretically no, practically yes. The designs of the machines were made by Precious Plastic, and our own technical volunteers as well as volunteering engineers from Engineers Without Borders deserve all the credit.

Where do you get your plastic from?

All of the plastic we use is plastic waste, and all of it is sourced locally. This means most of our plastic is from different sources in and around Oslo, but we might also use plastic from other parts of Norway (such as ocean plastic, for example).  

What do you do with funding, investments and revenue?

All funding and revenue is used to cover our expenses. Any additional financial resources are reinvested into the organisation for research and expanding our influence to the community around Oslo. That is how we keep true to our values as a non-profit organisation.