What we do

At our recycling facility in Oslo, we give plastics a second life - by turning them into new products!

One man’s trash is another man’s treasure

We don't believe in trash, waste or crap. Food rests can be turned into soil, wine bottles can turn into a window and your food packaging can become a fantastic new product from us! We’re not picky either: as long as the machines can handle it, we can handle it! Our products have a unique identity because of the mix of colours from the plastics. Whatever freaky colour it might be - it makes for even more fun products.


We shred, melt and mould!

From food packaging to flakes! One good thing about plastic is its characteristics - it can be bent, heated, moulded and completely transformed! First, our shredder tears down the plastic into flakes. Then our injector heats them up and starts moulding the products to get their distinctive look. The old plastic is a source to amazing new products when it leaves our machines. They do all the work really!


No virgins anymore

Voilà! The result is a brand new product ready to become useful again! Without the use of a direct source of oil or gas - also known as virgin plastic. We strive to create objects that are multi use, durable, purposeful, easily recyclable and do not create micro plastics by use. No global shipping, no unnecessary emissions. Just local plastic becoming a local product. Nature wins, you win, everybody wins!


About us



Most people in Oslo sort their plastic, but cannot exactly tell what happens to it after that. As a matter of fact, it's mostly shipped abroad. We want to change that by forming local plastic into local products!



You've probably guessed it by now, but our main aim is to work toward a sustainable future for our environment. We want to achieve this by showing people the good sides of plastic: its colourfulness, flexibility and transformability!



The values of our non-profit organisation are recalled in every stage of our development to ensure consistency, transparency and most importantly, putting our environment first.

How you can help us

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Our collaborations

Oslo Living Lab
Ocean Opportunity Lab
Engineers Without Borders
Edible Cities Network

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