What we do

At our recycling facility in Oslo, we give plastics a second life - by turning them into new products! Our method and designs are simple, crafty, and unique. This enables us to turn what some consider waste into treasure!

The steps


Plastic is everywhere and it takes different forms. It can be our food containers, hygiene products, and even our work tools. That is why we want to create collection systems where each and every one of us can make sure plastic gets recycled instead of wasted.




After we have collected the plastic, we use the shredder to cut plastic items into flakes. By shredding plastic into flakes, we are downsizing plastic to its raw components. This makes plastic easier to store, for it to be melted later.


The result are flakes in different colours, which gives us a wide range of patterns when melting the flakes into the moulds.

Melt and mould


The flakes used to make small products are melted by the injection machine. For larger items we use the compression machine.


The key component for each item is a mould, which is what the melted plastic is pressed into.

The result

The result is cool and unique products. Anything from basic shapes that can be used in non-basic ways to specific-purpose items. For instance, the hexagon tile - a flat piece of plastic with many possibilities to be used. The flat surface provides an area for customisation, for example a company logo or an artistic wall or mosaic.