Nov 2019: Oslo Living Lab and Hersleb skole

We organised a workshop to raise awareness on plastic and inspire high school students to reduce, reuse and recycle plastic. During the workshop, we showed the students which types of plastic are recyclable and how the recycling process works.

Jan 2020: The Ocean Opportunity lab (TOOL)

We became a member of The Ocean Opportunity lab (TOOL) and presented our organisation there in February. TOOL is the world's first floating lab and hub for innovators across ocean industries, sustainable business & tech.

March 2020: Wattever

We established a key partnership with Wattever, a sustainable energy provider in Norway. Through their services, customers are able to fund our operations by donating to sustainable projects.

March-April 2020: Insj

We participated in the Insj accelerator program for startups and social entrepreneurship projects. During the program, we were able to learn a lot about the key elements to build a business and the importance of networking and partnerships for validating an idea and taking it forward.

May-July 2020: Ingeniører Uten Grenser Norge

Collaboration with Engineers without borders Norway (IUG) and Sinsen Sentral to develop, build our machines and teach our volunteers in machine building.

July 2020-today: Yamana Boats

We are collaborating with Yamana boats to develop a skin for a SOF kayak made of recycled plastic. The skin is meant to make the kayaks float and resistant to traction.

November 2020-today: Waste for Warmth

We have been collaborating with Ingeniører Uten Grenser (IUG) Norge to develop insulation for tents in refugee camps that would be made out of on-site plastic waste. With our resources and knowledge, we helped drive the production and implementation of insulation panels for these tents.