This is Wecycle

Our mission

To lead a collective transformation of the plastic cycle

Our vision

A wasteless world where plastic remains a resource

How are we doing this?


Stimulate the demand and accessibility to recycled plastic


Raise awareness on the plastic challenge in oslo and inspire towards change


Foster collaboration between the community and key partners


Advocate for a circular economy

Our values


With a recycling system that depends on people, we are committed to being the bridge between the people and the industry. This way recycling is no longer a hidden process but a transparent and accessible one!


With a diverse community, we aim to experiment and create functional products that offer a sustainable alternative. One that will make it easier for anyone to do good by default!


At every stage, we aim to ensure consistency, purpose and primarily respect for the environment and our community. Our goal is not to create more waste, but to empower for change!

To learn more about plastic pollution, we recommend this video:

Meet our team

Carolina Hernandez

Carolina currently leads the team at Wecycle and joined the organisation in June 2019 while finding a scape from writing her master's thesis in environmental science at NMBU. She is passionate about giving resources a second life, and if that includes turning bottle lids into a skateboard, she will roll with it!

Carmen Schützmann

Carmen is a passionate and creative Material Science Engineer with a hands on spirit. In joining Wecycle in March 2020 she wants to be part of a change towards a more conscious handling of plastic. Her goal is to find useful and applicable solutions for the recycling of plastics. A 3D-printer working with shredded plastic is her tool of choice to produce new from old.

Valentin Gentile

Graduated from a Master's in Industrial Ecology from NTNU Trondheim, Valentin is an entrepreneurship enthusiast who joined Wecycle in October 2019 to put his expertise into practice and contribute to a meaningful project! He is solving problems and finding best fitted solutions to our challenges while assessing the environmental performance of our activities.

Our Ambassadors

Thea-Elise Ødegaard

Thea founded Wecycle together with Maya while studying together at NMBU. Her close relationship to “friluftsliv” like hiking, surfing and skiing has manifested in her close connection to nature. Caring and giving back to the environment which enables life is therefore very important to her. Creating change rather than waiting for change to be made has been the main motivation behind Wecycle.

Monty Hatfield

Monty was the Founding Engineer for this project and was the one to start building the first two machines. Monty has always had a passion for energy efficiency, reuse of materials and reduction of plastic waste. Monty is not as active now but is still called in now and then as a consultant. As well as working for both Doctors without Borders and Engineers without Borders, Monty has also built another plastic saving machine called Autogolve.

Eric Fackelman

Eric worked as a laser engineer after obtaining his BSc in Physics in NY. He has a deep passion for the outdoors and social justice. After moving to Oslo, he started as a Technical Ambassador for Wecycle in Nov 2020, working with the recycling production and machine development. He wants to contribute to preserving the natural world he loves for future enjoyment.

Samar Abbas Nawaz

Samar is doing a Master's in Information & Communication Technology Law at UiO. He has professional experience of over 3 years as an entrepreneur, legal practitioner and then in-house counsel. Realising the alarming impact of climate change made him feel desirous to employ his skills and experience for the environmental cause. What drove him towards Wecycle especially, are the promising goals and impressive recycling idea which it is built upon.

Leila Francisca Elena Ditter

Leila's interest in law and her quest for knowledge led her to obtain a Master’s degree in law from the University of Oslo. She joined our legal team in April 2020 because she wanted to become part of a meaningful project that has a positive impact on the environment. To her becoming a part of the team also seemed like a perfect opportunity to make new friends, and of course, to practice law. She is a passionate and creative person who believes in supporting greater causes, and loves taking on new challenges. She is a keen amateur photographer and writer, who loves being involved in her local community.

Faria Noreen

Faria is an ambitious student of economics and business with a strong desire to change the world - Starting with Wecycle. She is an ardent supporter of the circular economy-system, and believes that a solid financial strategy is essential when bringing a vision to life.

Ana Raquel Bernardy

After graduating in Energy Engineering back in Brazil, Ana recognizes the importance of finding better solutions for what some may call “waste”, and has since worked in projects regarding selective waste collection and recycling. She joined Wecycle just after moving to Norway in 2019, as an opportunity to continue bringing awareness to the plastic problem. Now, as a technical assistant, she and an amazing team of engineers are working on our shredder and injector machine.

Anders Dalhammar

Currently studying Digital Marketing, Anders is an ocean lover who joined Wecycle in April 2020 to put his knowledge into practice with the urge of working for a better future for our environment. With a long background in sales, he is looking forward to the growth of Wecycle and all the marketing challenges ahead!

Esli Soetens

Esli is currently studying a Master's in social welfare policy, because he wants to make a positive impact on the world. He is also in charge of all IT-related things at Wecycle. With his experience in web development, he loves to build websites and make sure everything looks neat and tidy.

Amna Rasool

Amna is studying civil engineering in data science at NMBU in Ås. For her, working with Wecycle has been very thrilling, exciting and a great way for her to be part of one solution to a major environment issue, plastic! Not to mention all the things she learns about organisations, which makes her study more broad.

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